Conquering the African iGaming industry – The importance of the local factors

Conquering the African iGaming industry – The importance of the local factors

Conquering the African iGaming industry – The importance of the local factors


There is no wonder why the Gaming and Betting operators strike to conquer the land of Africa. It is a well-known fact that Africa’s population has drastically increased in the past four decades which contributes to the fact that the majority of the African population is quite young. This sets a solid ground for operators who strive to start and expand their business in the iGaming sector as they can reach out to the wide young audience.


Differences between European and African iGaming industry


It stands for a reason that Africa is still a continent in development and that many factors can certainly influence the iGaming industry on this soil. The challenges that Africa presents to those operators seeking to take a leap in this sector include both financial and technical elements.


Firstly, operators who want to start or expand their operations in African countries mustn’t disregard the fact that there are significant differences between the European and African iGaming market. Secondly, there are dissimilarities in players’ needs, hence, while players’ experience in European countries can be considered as ‘unlimited’, there are still things that affect the experience of African players, such as the Internet which is still relatively expensive.


Last, but not least, are the differences in language, culture, regulations, tax regimes and payment methods which operators must explore and understand so that they could offer a solution that would satisfy their customers’ needs and expectations.


Understanding the African market and its characteristics


The African iGaming sector is shaped up by different factors, therefore operators who see potential in it and want to penetrate the market firstly must pose themselves several questions. Some of the questions they need answers to are:


  • Which African countries have specific regulations?
  • What kind of products can be offered to players?
  • What are the main differences and aspects that characterize the different African regions?


To answer these questions operators have to take into account the main characteristics of the African region which at first they might consider obstacles. These include – limited access to advanced technologies, lack of payment and money-transfer systems and a shortage of skills and expertise in the iGaming industry – factors which might obstruct operators’ development and growth.


What is essential for an operator to have successful operations in the African market?


For operators who are on the threshold of conquering Africa’s iGaming industry, it is necessary to rely on the back up of a powerful technical partner who is boasting a strong presence on the market. Offering solutions that address the needs of the African market, BtoBet has strongly positioned itself on the market which allows for a successful launch of an iGaming business.


This is essential to have in mind since many international and local businesses until now had trouble succeeding on the African market as they were not properly prepared and didn’t have a partner who is familiar with the challenges that this region presents.


To better understand how to overcome the challenges and obstacles presented by the African market download our latest Industry report: Tackling Africa’s limitations ICE Africa: Making Africa accessible to the iGaming industry.

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