What Challenges Operators and Bookmakers Face When Entering Italian iGaming Market



What Challenges Operators and Bookmakers Face When Entering Italian iGaming Market


With an increase of the gaming industry also came a few changes in the legislation, the first of them being related to an enhanced privacy law. This change comes as a consequence of the fact that during the course of 2017, 120 new gaming licenses were expected to be issued. As from January 2018 only around 10 applications have been presented by February, with 40 operators looking to renew current licenses and a forecast of 60 to 70 new companies by the 19th March.


In its latest Industry Report, BtoBet explores the new changes and requirements at the Italian gaming market and reveals the hidden dangers and highlights the steps operators and bookmakers need to take toward the .it world.



What is the potential that the Italian gaming market offers to operators and bookmakers today?


With an international experience gained over the years and a BtoBet Sports division team based in Rome, BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried, said that the Italian market is very competitive and interesting, adding that BtoBet is focused on different channels, considering the constant increase in the mobile offers, the possibility to create new gaming markets to stand out, taking into consideration also the growing requests of Live, Fantasy Games, eSports offers. The real challenge for the operators and bookmakers is to stand out and make a difference, when it comes to their offers.


What steps should operators take towards the .it world?


The Italian gaming and betting market is growing each year, but that doesn’t mean that life of the operators is any easier. On the contrary, in order to emerge from the standard and make a difference they need to have the necessary knowledge of the set rules, to be able to count on organized structure equipped with the adequate technology to differentiate which leads us to the importance of choosing the right platform for your iGaming or sports betting business. At this point, it is crucial to rely on technical partners who have bureaucratic and regulatory know-how, are able to quickly manage the inevitable hidden dangers and are compliant with the rules but are also capable to shorten the “time to market” which often determines the success or commercial failure of an operator.


What are the winning strategies to satisfy the needs of an Italian player?


The availability of advanced technology in terms of analysis, marketing and user experience is a successful strategy. The real power is in the hands of the player, who chooses where, when and how to play. This is why it is essential to know the player in depth, his preferences and to direct him to proposals that trigger his attention and keep him loyal to the brand. The key is the availability of tools that allow operators and bookmakers to collect data, transform this data into proposals tailored to the player, for a satisfying gaming experience, regardless of the channel in use.


It is a fact that the two biggest challenges operators and bookmakers face are compliance with regulatory requirements and standing out in the gaming and betting business.


In this respective, it is important for operators to look beyond borders the current market situation and be forward-looking. They have to be prepare themselves for the evolution towards new products such as cash out, the creation of community for the fantasy sports and towards mobile technology in Italy.


For deeper insights on the Italian iGaming market, download the Industry report here.

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