What Can LatAm Operators Learn from the Colombian Gaming Market



What Can LatAm Operators Learn from the Colombian Gaming Market


Colombia is certainly not a newcomer, when it comes to the iGaming industry. However, it is only until recently, that the region has been attracting quite a substantial amount of attention. And the keyword to that is regulation. Thanks to Coljuego’s drive to regulate the market and the introduction of the regulatory infrastructure, the future looks bright.


Being considered as one of the most successful economies in South America, Colombia is strongly emerging as a leading iGaming jurisdiction in the region. And even though it is not the most populous country in Latin America, the country boasts a strong internet penetration with well over half the population being internet users.


With operators having to comply with all of Coljuegos’ requisites to have a legal basis to start their businesses in Colombia, SELECTING THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER is not an easy task or is it?


In the past few years, BtoBet has ascertained itself as the major technological partner in Colombia, partnering with the majority of operators in the country. Having so many different operators on board, as emphasized by BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried in his insight on the iGaming sector in Columbia, is a major advantage as this guarantees that its platforms not only are fully compliant with the regulatory environment, but also guarantees operators to be up and running in a very limited timeframe.


However, it is the technologies incorporated in BtoBet’s platforms that further strengthen operators’ position. Enabling the operator to know his clients’ preferences and acting on the information acquired to present him with future offers will ultimately strengthen the bond between operator and player.


And it is with the tools provided through the platforms that this whole process of acquiring, analyzing, and acting on this wealth of information, that the operator is able to provide a tailor-made offer ultimately keeping in mind the player’s experience.


Having already met the stringent regulations in Colombia and other LatAm countries, BtoBet ensures that it assists operators with the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations. Btobet’s omnichannel platform and software technology enables LatAm licensees to manage player data and gambling related business anywhere, no matter the channel in use, no matter the jurisdiction. With years of experience, cutting-edge solution and customer-friendly interface, BtoBet is constantly raising the bar with the latest advancement in offering the opportunity for operators to personalize the sports betting and iGaming business, both online and land-based.


To conclude, there is much to be optimistic about regarding the full potential of the sector in Colombia. Not only has the country set itself as a leader in Latin America by incorporating a strong regulatory environment, but with the Colombian regulators themselves stating that they are willing to work more closely with other countries on regulatory issues, everything seems to affirm that eventually Colombia will set itself as an example for other markets in the region. There is also good reason to believe that a broader cooperation would result in a more linear, harmonized and standard approach to the regulation across the entire region ultimately benefiting all the major countries, including Colombia itself.


Next stop for BtoBet team is FADJA tradeshow in Bogota, Colombia. If you are attending, book your meeting here.


If you want to learn more about how Colombia is setting an example for the whole LatAm region, download BtoBet’s latest Industry report: COLOMBIA, AN OPORTUNITY AND AN EXAMPLE FOR THE WHOLE LATAM REGION


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