Artificial Intelligence – Not Just marketing!

Artificial Intelligence – Not Just marketing!



Ensure you have a future by keeping up with it



The entire global business environment, sports betting and iGaming included, is undergoing a significant digital transformation due to the emergence of disruptive technologies and their influence on player needs and expectations. What is even more fascinating, the fast pace of change does not seem to be slowing down, if anything it seems to be speeding up even more!



The rising number of increasingly tech-savvy and demanding players are pressuring operators in the gambling industry to keep up-to-date with the new trends and technologies. We perfectly know that last year mobile was the fastest-growing channel, with more people spending more time and money every year consuming content –both games and bets – on their smartphones and tablets. For this reason, mobile is the channel every iGaming and sports-betting brand need to be prioritizing. However, what is ‘in’ now, can be outdated in the blink of an eye, so keeping up with the latest technological advancements to satisfy these players is no easy task.

The players today want and expect a seamless gaming experience. However, there is an upside for operators as well. They now possess the power to reach players and bettors who now carry around with them 24/7 a device where they can be reached, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for licensees to engage with their customers. The proliferation of mobile, and the ability to access content on-demand, suggests that purchasing power has shifted from the brand and retailer to the consumer.



With digitalization, the player’s journey has become more interesting and full of opportunities. What do these digital mobile users like mostly? They have information within their grasp, and can investigate any specific product or event. They have your brand’s offers within their grasp at all times and they can always compare them with other options and read reviews comparing their experience with everyone else’s. As a consequence of this empowerment of the players, operators must be ready to shape their products following their expectations. Players appreciate when receiving the right message and proposal in line with their gambling wishes and preferences. However, brands continue to have awkward conversations with them instead of communicating the right messages, but why is this?!


A.I. – the future is now!



Turns out, A.I. is the future! In the age of digital transformation, computers, of course, play a significant role in our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) offers a great opportunity for us to automate our processes especially with marketing or CRM but how else can this tech be used in our business operations and how can it help us retain our customers?

The evolution of platform technology has advanced way beyond simple player management systems that enable operators to acquire and analyze a player’s data and behavior. The gambling offer has to become personal and here the application of AI makes even more sense than before. Artificial Intelligence sustains and guides the operator to make the best decisions for the management, acquisition and retention of players.  The Artificial Intelligence software, through precise algorithms, works on different processes simultaneously while monitoring the player’s behavior, suggesting operator information about players’ preferences while proposing suitable offers to every single player!

Licensees need suitable tools to manage their business with flexibility, which is why an omnichannel platform and Sportsbook software, based on Artificial Intelligence, is the key for operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every single customer by studying their past and current behavior. The possibility to anticipate the player’s desires by suggesting the bets and games that can trigger his interest is fundamental to extend users’ life cycle to the advantage of the operator who can drive a targeted marketing campaign, propose tailor-made offers and increase the wagering activity.



A.I. is the only way to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for your players, which is the only way to keep the tech-savvy players satisfied and loyal. A.I. based software collects data, both online through his bets and data and offline through the cashier assisted bets system. It then analyses the data and player behaviors categorizing players by their similarities into segments. After that it automates offers that are tailored to the interests of each individual player segment. This continuous flow of information analysis and suggested bets that can be offered to each player – regardless of channel – can help operators direct traffic to the digital user, between mobile, online and retail, efficiently.

This system is easy to use, and suggested bets and games will be central to every operator’s offerings. In a world where the consumers are given film, music and shopping lists precisely attuned to their tastes, a time is at the doorstep when the betting and gaming world will need to tune their offer, personalize their service, and the only way to do it is by A.I. software.

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