What does it mean to be truly technologically advanced? Does it mean to simply follow the technological advancements of everyone else? How up-to-date can you really be, if you wait and follow the trends instead of leading them? To be truly up to date with technology, you need to be innovative, the one making the changes, not only following them because that way you will always be one step behind.


What does it take to be truly innovative?  You need to have your entire organisational structure build around your R&D that will be focused on providing updates and enhanced versions of your software. These updates should not only satisfy the current needs but anticipate the needs to come of the operators and end users with the latest technological advancements. After all, this is the way everything else in the tech universe works – being anticipative instead of reactive is the key to having the edge in front of the competition.  


 Technology works


The innovation in the world of iGaming today are actually a complete evolution and transformation of the experience the player is getting from the entire process of betting and gambling. This is a continuous process where the key element is the acquisition and manipulation of data. Every new player action needs to be recorded, analysed, monitored and used to improve the overall gaming experience of that player and the entire player base. In order to do such an important task, the platform must be able to seamlessly interact with the devices from the future becoming available on the market every day. It needs to be able to handle all the information the user throws at it, collect it in real-time and reacting fast so that it can actually improve the user experience, delivering a service that is preferably better than, or at least as good as expected.


The seamless experience we mentioned before is a must in today’s world of iGaming. Information flow cannot be interrupted and the analysis and bet suggestions should always be offered regardless of the channel used. It can help direct traffic by guiding players to mobile and online while at the same time providing the perfect gaming experience regardless of which channel the players are guided to.


 True technical partners


Most of the operators, due to this fast pace of innovation have come to understand the limitations of using in-house software solutions, and things are only getting worse. Challenges are only multiplying as the complexity of the technological future are growing. Having this in mind, the only logical solution would be to outsource the technology. A true technological partner is needed, one that will be a leader instead of the follower, making the operator a leader instead of a follower. Finding a partner that is able to both provide the platform and contribute enough innovation ensuring you reach the next level of customer satisfaction is a truly important task.


The platform providers up to this difficult task are going to need to be able to integrate and make use of all possible content the player will throw at them. They will need to aggregate all of the content while providing players with a seamless customer journey. Only a provider with an open, independent and foresighted approach will be capable of doing so. When you look at it that way, it all comes down to a handful of potential options really.


  Raising the standards


We, as BtoBet, are aware that technology plays a key role in this process, and we have shown it countless times. A perfect example is our software based on Artificial Intelligence helps operators attract players and – vitally – helps in keeping them loyal. Additionally, our effective next-level platform and our Recommendation Engine help to generate additional revenues via a ‘thinking’ omnichannel platform. It is able to calibrate player offers and produce suggestions according to each player’s personal preference, whether that is mobile, online desktop or retail. This helps motivate the players to take on more bets they actually want to take, generating both more revenue and greater customer satisfaction, a true win-win situation for the operators.


To understand deeply how the betting industry is affected by the technological progress, you can download the white paper: Change for the bettor: THE NEW LANDSCAPE FOR BETTING ON FOOTBALL.

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