COO Dima Reiderman Highlights Importance of ML Technology in Sports Betting

Dima Reiderman

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operating Officer, detailed the benefits that BtoBet’s upcoming new sportsbetting tools, with advanced Machine Learning will have in terms of increasing the player engagement and interaction, and even how they could aid operators reign in the costs in terms of acquisition and retention.


In the latest iGaming Next podcast to go live in the iGaming Next series, Reiderman analysed the global market landscape scenario, in particular the European market which is deemed by many to have become over-regulated, and the still evolving US landscape. He also gave deep insights regarding the market situation in Latin America and Africa, going over and detailing statistics showing how the iGaming industry and player preference differs from one country to the other even in the same region.


Going more in-depth in terms of the European and US regulatory aspect, Reiderman opined that whilst both markets are at very different stages in their lifecycles, on the long term the US could find itself on a convergent path with the more mature European landscape, where market liberalisation eventually led to greater jurisdictional restriction.


Watch the whole podcast for further insights.


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