BtoBet Q&A: Opportunities and challenges of Euro 2024 for Sportsbook suppliers

BtoBet VP Sales Freddie Bowring shares insights on the differences seen when a major international tournament like Euro 2024 is on and how the supplier handles it. 

How does BtoBet approach a major international tournament differently from the regular season?

At BtoBet, we tend to elevate user engagement during major tournaments like the football European Championship by offering our operators a wide range of specialised features and enhancements that go beyond our regular offering. We proactively aim to create a high number of special betting options, particularly outrights, based on both our own initiative and operator requests. For example, we might offer bets on whether there will be a bicycle kick in the tournament or how many matches will go to overtime. To increase competitiveness and provide the best possible odds, we also strive to offer additional boosted odds features, ensuring our operators can offer highly attractive and differentiated betting opportunities.

Through our extensive bonuses and free bet engines, we can provide a wide variety of bonus options such as accumulator bonuses and cashback on more events and markets. Additionally, our jackpot feature is designed to boost player excitement and deliver extra rewards, thus opening the possibility for operators to gain a potential advantage over their competitors.

We have also introduced in our portfolio early settlement options, allowing players to settle bets before the event has concluded. We believe this adds a strategic element to betting and increases player excitement and satisfaction by offering more winning opportunities.

What opportunities does the upcoming European Championship offer for sportsbook software providers? 

The European Championship presents a prime opportunity for sportsbook providers to showcase their scale and flexible capabilities and stand out in a competitive market.

Providers can fully utilise features that may not be as prominent during the regular season, including many special betting options and advanced tools that add excitement and engagement, which are particularly appealing during high-profile events, and the goal is to generate significant revenue streams.

Providers additionally have the chance to prove the robustness of their risk management and liability handling. Managing high-load events effectively, where the ability to spread exposure is limited, showcases a provider’s reliability and stability under pressure.

To increase competitiveness and provide the best possible odds, we also strive to offer additional boosted odds features, ensuring our operators can offer highly attractive and differentiated betting opportunities

With so many matches taking place, especially in the first two weeks of the tournament, how will BtoBet ensure it keeps up with the action?

We rely on our experienced team and powerful platform tools. Our dedicated team of sports traders, risk management experts, and IT professionals generally work around the clock to ensure our platform’s success. With extensive knowledge and experience in major tournaments, our sports traders strive to offer competitive and accurate odds, analysing match developments in real-time to keep our offerings relevant and appealing.

Our risk management team may use sophisticated platform tools, alerts, data analytics, and AI to monitor betting patterns and detect unusual activities. By managing liabilities effectively, the goal is to minimise risks while maximising user engagement and satisfaction. Our IT team cooperates to ensure that our platform is robust and resilient, maintaining system integrity and availability, especially during peak times.

Using infrastructure monitoring and observability tools, the team has real-time visibility into the performance of applications, databases, servers, and other IT infrastructure components.

What are you most looking forward to at the European Championship? 

The dynamic nature of these events, combined with the inherent uncertainty and numerous high-profile competitions, guarantees a period of intense activity and engagement in the sports betting industry. This summer is certainly going to be thrilling for sportsbook operators and providers.

Following the excitement of the football championship, there is also the upcoming games in Paris and then the new sports seasons kick off. For us, this also provides a chance to create engaging retention specials, like betting on a specific nation to reach the European Championship final and win the competition in Paris.

There’s a lot to look forward to with plenty of opportunities to capture the excitement of sports fans worldwide. Additionally, within our team, there is a lot of camaraderie and banter about the outcomes of the games, making it a lively period in the office and during calls.

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