World Cup 2018: The Need for an Optimal Betting Scenario


Everyone is excited for the upcoming World Cup. And with punters eagerly awaiting the initial kick-off it’s time for betting tips! The World Cup is the biggest sports event of the year, in fact, and plainly speaking it’s the biggest event in the past four years.


With an estimated 280 million people around the world watching the World Cup matches played four years ago in Brazil,online or on a mobile device, this is a clear indication that new technology is becoming ever more popular amongst fans and punters alike.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this year’s edition of the World Cup will generate the biggest demand for mobile betting ever seen, with the explosion of smartphones and tablets making betting ever more accessible and convenient.


Important factors contributing to a mobile offering’s success include usability, speed and easy navigation. Punters need to find their bets and place it in two clicks. Also, there’s usage of relevant communication tools such as push notifications and mobile targeted incentives for players.


But, punters’ expectations are highly sophisticated. Even first-time bettors expect a fluent mobile betting experience so they can easily place a stream of bets while watching matches, with a massive variety of markets and odds updated by the second. It’s a fact that players will eventually go where the betting variety is the biggest.


Bookmakers need to provide an optimal betting scenario


Bookmakers have been gearing up for the past months to ensure that they provide an optimal betting scenario to the legions of punters eager to place their bets on a myriad of matches. Everything indicates that the upcoming sporting event in Russia will provide a perfect opportunity for operators to implement innovative strategies to acquire new players whilst retaining the loyal punters in their fold.


And with the last edition serving as a clear indication of how punters are ever increasingly embracing the technological evolution that has taken the betting industry in stride, operators must ensure that every aspect of their business is appropriately suited in terms of infrastructure, and ultimately content to deliver an exceptional player experience.


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