The iGaming sector is continuously developing thanks to the constant technological advances and new trends that promise a unique betting experience are on the rise. These are predicted to reshape the industry by creating a landscape where companies will put the customer first and offer him a 360° betting ecosystem.


So, which are the trends that will shape up this hot industry in 2020?


Social Media Betting

A new trend that is emerging in the iGaming industry is the Social Media Betting. It is an innovative solution that becomes an integral part of iGaming platforms with the aim to enable players to seamlessly make bets regardless of the channel.

For example, the new Neuron 3 platform and its integrated features, such as the Social Media Betting feature, provide a player-centric approach which allows players to place their bets via social media apps, be it Twitter, Facebook, Viber, or Telegram.


Retail Non-anonymous bets

Retails Non-anonymous bets – In other words, a transformation of anonymous players in registered players with a rapid registration process that ultimately results in increased player engagement and interaction. This is the fundamental asset for any bookmaker with interest in the retail side of the industry.

A retail solution has multiple benefits for the players as they can place bets in the bet shop via an agent are visible for registered users on any channel and can top-up or withdraw from their accounts directly from the betshop via SMS verifaction which leads to an increased security.


360 Omnichannel experience

360° Channel support contributes to providing a unified betting experience across all channels, which is why it is a very promising trend in the iGaming industry. The 360° omnichannel experience maximizes and facilitates players’ interaction by allowing them to place their bets anytime and across all channels, including Mobile, Desktop, Retail, Social Media and TV betting.


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is crucial to provide personalized and satisfying offers for players in the iGaming industry. Nevertheless, AI is an innovative technology that is yet to present its full potential and shape up the iGaming industry.

Some companies operating in the iGaming industry are, including BtoBet, are already implementing the AI technology in their platform solutions in order to empower their gaming opportunities. In fact, AI together with other innovative technologies, such as is believed to radically change the iGaming industry.


Multiple Payment Options
The payment technology as well is constantly developing which imposed the need for the iGaming industry to adapt to new trends thus enabling players to get the utmost gaming experience. One of the key areas that online casinos mustn’t overlook is the variety of payment methods they have at their disposal.

Speaking of which, lately, it is noticed that the majority of online casinos allow the use of digital wallets and cryptocurrency which aim is to provide the maximum security and safety of personal information. In other words, an iGaming solution with access to a range of payment systems helps simplifying transaction procedures and, therefore, securing sensitive payment data and personal identity of the players.


Virtual Reality
Lately, players are looking for a more interactive, immersive and thus entertaining gaming experience. This is where the Virtual Reality trend comes in to revolutionize the industry. More and more online casinos are taking this step forward and adopting VR technology in their products in order to attract more players and offer them a unique experience.


Blockchain Technology
The blockchain technology has seen increased popularity across different industries over the last years and it is becoming an inevitable trend in the iGaming industry as well. An important aspect of implementing blockchain technology in iGaming is the fact that is a solution for fighting fraudulent activities.

Adopting blockchain has seen improvement in transparency and therefore security and safety of players’ personal data. It is a revolutionary technology that in the near future is expected to offer better protection to iGaming platforms from hacks, attacks and leaks. The end-result would be strengthening security, integrity and reliability of the iGaming businesses.


Smartwatch Gambling
Yes, you read it well. Smartwatches are not only fitness products now. The smartwatch industry is developing at a rapid pace so now some of the popular smartwatch brands are introducing some novelties in their products, such as online games. This trend is anticipated to bring even more popularity to the iGaming industry.