The -African- focus -Why- is it -essential -to have -your -operations -backed -by a technological- partnerThe African focus – Why is it essential to have your operations backed by a technological partner?


There is no denying that Africa is one of the fastest-growing iGaming markets in the world. The size of the market could well prove to be one of the biggest markets on a global level. However, the challenges that operators are set to face should not be underestimated.



Perfect operators’ scenario in African’s iGaming industry



This continent is still in its infancy stages when it comes to the iGaming industry, and as such provides quite a number of challenges for those operators who seek to start operating in the market, especially those operators lacking a clear understanding of the local jurisdictions, culture and environment that characterizes the whole region.

Success or failure for operators primarily lies with the importance of not underestimating aspects such as the importance of having local insight, experience and understanding of the situation.

As is the case in emerging gambling markets, it is of the utmost importance for operators targeting to enter or seeking to diversify their operations in the African market, to be able to rely on the right technical partner who will bring with him a wealth of knowledge and experience needed for a seamless launch of the business.


However, it must be clear that the first hurdle for operators is the technology itself, with many software providers providing African operators with the same advanced product that they use in more technologically adapt scenarios. Strictly speaking the technology that is put at the operators’ disposal must be adapted to the local needs and system configurations used in the region. Therefore, mobile solutions must be adapted to older devices, and the same must be done with the advanced retail tools which must be adapted to a less complex retail and management system that is utilized in the region.



Tailored iGaming platform for African market’s needs



By putting at the disposal of the operators what is considered a next-level omnichannel platform – BtoBet ensures that the African market’s needs are deservedly addressed. Both Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms propose scalable solutions, also from a jurisdiction point of view, thus allowing gaming operators to have full control and management of their operations. Additionally, both platforms enable the integration of any content related to games and betting, whilst featuring multi-currency options and payment methods. All this whilst ensuring a seamless and integrated customer experience across all channels.


They are conceived to cater the needs of the whole gambling sector, accomplishing a wide range of international payments and targeted payment gateways for all countries.



To sum up, a lot of international and even local businesses struggle to get the results they expected because they were not prepared for the challenges and problematics that the region holds.  In this case, most important think for operators is to understand the dynamics of the region. Africa is vastly different from established European markets, from demographics to smartphone penetration, and thus having a deep know-how of the region is essential.

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