Professionals emphasize that an overall amazing experience is crucial for achieving an effective player retention in the iGaming industry.


Episode 3: Retain your players by anticipating their requirements


In times when there is an increasing focus on client retention in all industries, everyone involved in gaming and betting must know how important it is for a gaming operator to attract, engage and retain players. Professionals in the field emphasize that an overall amazing experience is crucial for achieving an effective player retention in the iGaming industry. In fact, one could easily state that a unique player experience is the most important factor in terms of retention.

But what is intended by a unique and tailored experience?


Having a platform with a user-friendly interface


If a player stumbles upon an operator’s website that is confusing and at the same time difficult to navigate, they tend to leave and never come back. This confirms the relevance of having a platform based on a user-friendly and intuitive design. Consequently, it stands to reason that those operators using a platform with these characteristics have a bigger chance to succeed in the industry.


Providing great customer support


A good customer support is yet another factor which contributes greatly towards delivering a unique player experience. It is thus imperative for gaming brands to consider today’s continuous advances in technology, especially disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence, to ensure a prompt and constant assistance for their players. A great customer service will surely maximize players’ enjoyment and will keep them on the platform.


Using advanced user segmentation based on the players’ preferences


However, a unique player experience is heavily reliant on the generation and assimilation of data based on the player preferences and behavior. It is crucial for operators to invest in implementing a platform which offers advanced and dynamic segmentation of its users because it will help them not only to understand their player requirements but also to take the necessary actions and target the correct segment of players with the appropriate offers and information. Such tailored offers, based on the data generated, will place the players at the core of the operations, making their experience unique and tailored according to their requisites.


The next, 4th Episode of the Series “Steps toward becoming a powerful brand in the gaming industry“ will elaborate on how gaming operators can outperform their competition with the help of a technological partner.


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