High performing virtual sports with the
best management tools.

Our virtual sports solution integrated the best games providers managed by our cutting-edge Sportsbook tools

All sports is focused on realism and you can provide gamers with what they want – lots of events, leagues, graphical display, betting markets, and gameplay, all based on the analysis of thousands of real games. Each sport is presented in 3D and has broad access to statistical depth. Not only will you guarantee realism to your player, but you will benefit from high-revenue making products with fast bet cycles and immediate pay-outs. 


Our ultimate virtual sports offer


Virtual Football

+ League format with 16 participating fully customizable virtual teams
+ High frequency betting with new bet cycle starting every 4.5 minutes
+ 2400 fixtures per day – new season with 240 fixtures beginning every 141 minutes
+ Providing live scores, live tables and our Statistics Centre for real events



Virtual Tennis

+ 16 player tournament mode all the way to quaterfinals, semi-finals and final
+ New betting cycles offered every 3.5 minutes on a rolling basis
+ Two time-shifted tournaments running in parallel guarantee always open betting markets
+ All of the most popular betting markets available
+ Betting stimulating statistics for every match and player availability, as for real



Virtual Basket

+ The only virtual basketball product in the market
+ 8 games to bet on every 3.5 minutes
+ All major betting markets on every game
+ Integrated statistics Centre for detailed analysis
+ Available for retail, mobile, desktop and terminal



Virtual Dogs & Horses Races

+ Always offering two race days at the same time with a total duration of 45 minutes
+ Each race day covers 9 races per track
+ New race starts every 3 minutes on average
+ An on-demand race brochure is available as in real racing with a wide range of inside information

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