The A.I. solution that can
anticipate the player’ s desires.

A clever platform that assists both the licensee and the
player. Gaming and betting scenarios are dynamic,
always evolving and changing and B Neuron helps
operators to anticipate the player’s desires by suggesting
the bets and games that can attract the interest of the player and
increase his loyalty to the brand.


It creates an intelligent connection between the
platform and the player’s behavior.
The advanced technology and artificial intelligence
allows you to register users, monitor their behavior and verify their preferences to provide them with the
ultimate personalized player experience.
The intelligent recommendation engine can personalize the gaming offer according to each individual player’s needs and requirements, giving them a truly personalized gaming experience.
The cleaver omnichannel platform can track the player
on all channels, to provide you cross channel data analysis tools and give you the possibility to improve player retention strategies and cross channel services.
The opportunity to choose what players want and how they want it, invariably lead to an increase in customer loyalty.


2000s of different games to offer your players in a tailored made way.

Our open platform allows a quick and easy integration and additionally makes you benefit from its recommendation engine features:
gives the possibility to understand the preference of the players,
anticipating his wishes and allowing him to play the games he prefers any moment,
improving their commitment, increasing their loyalty to your brand and your opportunities for growth at the same time.

In the Casino RE, all the Games are recommended according to similarity, comparing
the attributes – such as theme, volatility, category – of the games and player’s preferences.


The Sports betting RE is available for online and mobile betting, can control and suggest bets or events,
including virtual, live and eSports.
It acquires and analyzes the bettors’ behaviour following Sport, Category, Tournament,
Competitors, Market Types preferences. Moreover, BtoBet’s RE is regularly
re-trained in an extremely short time frame, 
with any new data and player’s
behaviour, fully updating the system and every single player’s profile precisely.
The wide range of sports, events and bet offers combined with the most innovative technology
of our platform allows your players to receive – from your side – the best targeted segment of bonuses,
scheduled or instant event-driven bonuses, at the ideal time for each single user, according to his preferences.
Our recommendation engine helps to increase their engagement and make them feeling special.

The Recomendation Engine is available in

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