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BtoBet’s payment gateways offer a safe and trusted tool while at the same time allow all the player’s payments transactions
be processed easily for both the user & licensee.

The platform currently offers over 200 type of payment methods directly or thorough payment aggregators, included SMS payments, Voucher and Bit Coins.
The BtoBet platform is ready to integrate any type of payment
method either directly or through specialised payment agencies.


Automatic currency conversion

Not every payment method offered by other providers is multi-currency.
The BtoBet platform allows the automatic conversion for every payment method, whatever the currency may be.


The BtoBet platform is multi-currency and the operator can decide which currencies he wants to activate for every fraud.

Targeted payment methods for every country

The dynamics of the platform allow the operator to define which payment methods to activate according to the country he is targeting. Above that, he can even define the currency in which the payment can be available.

Cost and limits segmentation

The operator can define limit profiles on deposits and withdrawals or define specific profile costs for every payment method. This gives the operator the possibility to dynamically assign these profiles to his clients according to the type of users defined through dynamic segmentation. Operators can also set limits for specific target and create personalizedworkflow approval for deposits and withdrawals.

Easy integration with any other payment gateway on client request

Operator can do business all in one place and Btobet’s payment gateway can easy handle communicating between 3rd party.

Management of payment costs

Btobet platform help operators to manage payment processing through few simple strategies.

Automated processes

The payment method integration is one which consents the full operational management of the platform. The operator can confirm withdrawals from the platform without the need to access the payment process interface.

Advanced alert system

The B Neuron intelligent system is able to control the user’s transactions through an automated back office alert system. The alert include all the information necessary for the operator to take the most adequate decisions.

Most Popular Payments methods Btobet provides all over the world

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