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A real Omnichannel platform needs a deep knowhow coming from both world, online and retail.
With BtoBet, you’ll have the omnichannel solutions available
giving power to your players.
Todays, consumers are more tech-savvy and channel agnostic, they are learning to use this power in more social and experiential ways, expecting more, requiring more instantaneous ways to play and sharing more of their gaming experience. Players don’t care about logistics, they care about being able to play whenever, wherever, and however they want and if your company can’t give them that ability, they’ll find another one that will. A clever and effective Omnichannel platform is able to track the player on all channels, to provide the operator cross-channel data analysis tools to improve his retention strategies and cross-channel services.


The Comprehensive BtoBet Environment

BtoBet’s omnichannel environments are cloud-based, easy to use, and entirely scalable. Our cloud-based service allows information to be reliably and instantly driven from person to person or device to device without any delay on the part of the system. This allows your company and players to interact continuously and effortlessly with all of the important information being safely and securely managed in the cloud.

Maximize Your Business

Because it is a cloud-based and easy-to-use environment, BtoBet is entirely scalable. There are no limits to how BtoBet can be used or how much can be stored and transferred. This not only keeps you secure in the present, allowing you to move your product seamlessly from a computer to a tablet, but it also allows room for future innovations beyond the tablet and smartwatch. Whatever is coming around the bend, you’ll be ready for it and able to scale to it without hesitation.

Fulfill your user’s needs

First, it was the home computer, then smartphones, after that came tablets, and now the wearables market is beginning to be pioneered by many gaming companies. Nowadays, there should be no closing time, we’re in an “always on” society that demands entertainment now and your company should be the one to give it to them. By allowing a player to place their bets in any way that they wish and at any time they feel the desire to, you’re allowing them to be engaged 24/7.

Anywhere. Anytime

BtoBet Sports Betting Solution provides easy to use and customisable interfaces. Combine multiple reports and add a wide range of widgets into one single effective dashboard, with an easy drag-and-drop. Make it easier for your executives/users to track KPIs efficiently.

Endless possibilities

Omnichannel isn’t just a seamless solution that bridges the land-based gaming system and the Internet-gaming system; it bridges the devices that the players want to use as well. We’re cognizant of innovations that have recently been developed, and we keep an eye on what’s coming around the bend. Allowing a player to seamlessly bring their account and balance between devices means that your customers are more directly, consistently, and conveniently engaged with your company and your product.

Multidimensional experience

The players can have multichannel experience, everywhere at any time, and also to cross different realities. Its impact has rebound not only on mobile business but also on land based operators who finally are in the condition to acquire player’s data and behavior. It helps land based business to acquire new audiences and work on user’s data. The Multidimensional experience drives the gaming business from multi-channel to multi-dimensions and lead unprecedented tactic of retention, infinite marketing strategies.

Virtual Assistant

Considering the trust the bettor feels today towards a shop assistant, this feeling can be translated towards a virtual assistant, coming out of the augmented reality, communicating, knowing the single player’s preferences and anticipating his desires, proposing events and bets, using the Recommendation engine that completely fits his interest. Augmented Reality marketing strategies, a multidimensional experience, online and in shop represents an important step forward to make the customer feel like the protagonist and special.


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