A marketing Solution to drive effective marketing campaigns.

Plan your marketing strategy in an easy and effective way
with our tools. Just teach your system how to reward, attract and retain players without any restrictions and you will get the expected results.


Our Dynamic marketing tools ease your path to set your bonus strategy, how and when you want it. The advantage of the BtoBet solution is that its innate Artificial Intelligence, studies deeply the player’s behaviour and activity thus creating segments accordingly. It understands his motivation while playing on his favourite device, mobile, online or desktop, giving you an organic and automatic deep management for every bonus campaign.


Predicting player’s actions and anticipating his
desires by suggesting the bets and games that
can trigger his interest is the key for marketers to:

  • diversify the action on different types of users
    and to easily build the best strategies
  • follow specific promotional activities and more
    effective ad hoc marketing campaigns.


The same system not only rewards the player but it is sensitive enough to detect any fraudulent action or behaviour.


Fully customisable strategies

Through our oper platform the operator can fully personalise every marketing campaign. After the algoritham of rules studies the player’s behaviour and need, the operator can programme the system to proviude players with specific contenct such as games and bets and direct the according to his strategy.

Dynamic Player Segmentation
BtoBet’s in-depth player segmetation allows the creation of specific groups which can be based on infinite criteria, starting from gaming behaviours, habits, demographics and player’s activity.

Genius Bonus Tool
Our segmentation system is connected to the bonus engine and this allows the algorithm to observe the player’s behaviour, past and present actions to then automatically identify the possible recipient bonuses for him. This is a dynamic tool which runs bonus campaings and other scheduled promotions according to the operator’s needs.
Limitless communication channels
BtoBet offers an open platform which allows the operator to easily integrate any thir party communication channels such as email, sms and proximity devices.
Real Time Analitics
With Real time analytics the operator is able to keep his business strategy in place. This is possible through the provision of detailed reports and timely activity.


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