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Namibian-based “Allbet” expand with BtoBet: from Retail to Online

Created on 17/04/2020 10:37:18 AM

BtoBet is pleased to announce that the African operator “Allbet” has now expanded its operations to also cover digital channels. In late October of last year, the leading iGaming platform provider had announced its agreement with the Namibia-based operator. This resulted in Allbet integrating BtoBet’s Neuron technology across its whole retail network.


Allbet’s management have now also opted to make use of the Neuron technology to roll out their betting offer across all online channels. Through this expanded deal, Allbet will now be able to deliver a more player-centric betting experience across all of its interconnected channels.


Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed her satisfaction regarding the bolstered partnership with Allbet. “We anticipate further collaboration with Allbet as we assist them in, not only increasing their potential market share, but to ultimately deliver a player-centric betting experience no matter the channel, medium or device used. We look forward to assist the Allbet team in transforming their non-registered customers into registered players through the rapid registration process integrated in our new retail solution. This I am positive will ensure a more diversified business model, allowing them to become a leader in their field in the coming years.”


Andre Botha, Managing Member of Bandits Group of Companies – proprietary of the “Allbet” brand – stated that an expansion to the online channels had been in the pipeline for quite some time now. “The business has always been focused towards an expansion onto the digital medium. Going online is crucial to the survival of any modern gaming business given the continuous technological innovation, as well as the continuous connectivity that such an expansion provides us with the modern player.”


Botha further added that a move to online processes not only adds brand value, but will permit the operator to embrace all of its customers’ needs, ensuring they will be receiving the best betting entertainment at their fingertips.


Botha concluded that the advanced Neuron technology will allow Allbet to harness the required player information, enabling them to accordingly segment customers, allowing the operator to focus on each player’s individual journey.