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Btobet wins the CEEGC awards in Budapest Central and Eastern European operators recognize BtoBet as top technology software provider for the industry.

Created on 21/09/2017 10:12:18 AM



BtoBet’s success continues in Hungary; the multinational company has been once again confirmed as a visionary sports betting and igaming technology-software provider. Capable of anticipating the licensees’ needs, studying and preparing technology tools for the future requirements of the gambling market, BtoBet has just been awarded the prize for “The best Sports Betting Innovation”.


Commenting on the award-winning and the focus of the panel, Zafirovska, highlights: “This prize represents a natural consequence of BtoBet’s efforts offering the next generation of player management tools, through a totally advanced machine-learning technology.”


The capability of focusing on the player, acquiring and deeply analyzing his data and behavior, knowing his preferences and anticipating his wishes through sophisticated rules-based algorithms, is vital to provide operators with the most advanced player management tools, for automation and retention.


In this perspective, Zafirovska underlined the commitment of BtoBet to be a trustworthy partner:


As a pure B2B software provider, our approach avoids any personal conflict over potential clients entrusting their user assets to a professional provider, not to a competitor that has opted to work in the B2B space. Additionally, our innovation and capability lies in our proper organizational structure which provides updates and new versions of all the appropriate software, offers clients total customer support, flexibility and seamless personalization of the products, allowing us to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it allows easy integration with any contemporary and future trendy 3rd parties.”


Zafirovska assured: “We have selected a top talented and skilled development team to maintain the technological software and the learning machine, always to the very highest standard, ensuring ease of use,” and concluded “This prize gives BtoBet additional energy and motivation to continue investing and driving ready-to-use innovation in the iGaming space.”