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BtoBet puts a Strategy in Place for Sportsbooks Shortfall

Created on 03/04/2020 12:46:21 PM
  • Alessandro Fried: “An opportunity for bookmakers to diversify strategies and overcome over-reliance on sportsbooks”


With the novel coronavirus disrupting the sporting calendar and putting the sportsbook industry on hold, the leading platform provider BtoBet has put in place and launched a strategy in order to aid bookmakers during this trying time. The strategy aims to assist sportsbook operators to retain their current fold of players, shifting their engagement from pure betting on sports events to other alternative verticals mitigating and avoiding a downfall in revenue.


Among other aspects, the strategy involves the introduction of special content for bookmakers making use of the BtoBet services, including:


  • a daily selection of the most important horse-racing events,
  • a new and engaging novelty bet section,
  • extended E-Sports content,
  • a boosted odds fantasy league, and
  • a tennis game based on the outcome of more than 1 million matches.


Bookmakers and other operators will also be provided with the opportunity to diversify their business model by integrating a wider content for the Virtuals. These will encompass games from six leading industry providers natively integrated in the Btobet platform; an Online Casino portfolio consisting of an extensive list of over 8,000 games from over 100 providers; and a wide selection of Lotteries, Instant Lotteries, and Jackpots with prizes up to €150 million.


BtoBet’s Chief Executive Officer, Alessandro Fried, stated that the company has spent the last months focusing on delivering an optimal betting experience on all of the industry’s verticals, not only sportsbook. “Nonetheless, throughout these times, we are still investing and pushing to provide bookmakers with the best range of alternative vertical content, while, at the same time, staying focused on delivering a long term plan ensuring our partners will reap benefits by adapting a player-centric approach.”


Fried further added that while the current situation may take its toll on the sportsbook vertical, bookmakers should grasp the opportunity to diversify their strategies in order to shift from their over-reliance on the sportsbook calendar, ensuring they retain their fold of players, and opening their business model to new markets.


“I am confident that the current sportsbook shortfall will be just a small blip in the radar for the majority of operators who optimise their business strategies, allowing them to reap major revenue increase opportunities from a wider verticals portfolio in the long run.”


All operators interested in receiving a deeper insight into how BtoBet can assist in developing alternative verticals to sportsbooks can schedule a meeting by sending an email to sales@btobet.com.