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Created on 24/10/2016 09:19:53 AM

Afrobet, a promising gambling company of Kenya, announces its partnership with BtoBet to launch its Touchese brand.


AfroBet’s COO, Jeff Mugo, commenting on his partnerning with Btobet says:


“We are excited to partner with BtoBet who have the most advanced cloud platform based on the dynamics of artificial intelligence for the iGaming market. We are going to take full advantage of BtoBet businesses skills in the iGaming and betting industry and create shift in the Local Market. BtoBet’s Gold Certification Compliance with Betradar is a signal that we are with the right partner. We are confident that with BtoBet we have the right support to launch and make a success of Tucheze-Afrobet.”


Afrobet – Tucheze is also looking to launch in the markets in the short term. In the near future they are going live in East Africa using MPESA mobile wallet as payment method with the intention to expand at the beginning of 2017 in Tanzania, Ugandan and Congo and in other markets with VISA payments. Tuchese will offer African player a superlative playing experience proposing casino online and virtual sports, going far beyond the common soccer betting.


BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried complemented with AfroBet as a very fast growing brand:
“We are very proud to have AfroBet as a partner in Kenya. I firmly believe BtoBet’s next-level omnichannel platform – B Neuron – will provide the Kenyan company with the greatest insight into players’ data and behavior and will drive it to expand into other African countries and to increase revenues.”


About Afrobet-Tucheze

Tucheze is a new Betting and Gaming Company. The shareholders are aggressively focused on creating a top notch brand that will attract the sports fraternity into its brand by offering products that are new and innovative into the Gambling market. The company’s main Focus is on enabling and enriching Customer experiences and our objectives will be to give consumers more meaningful reasons to bet using Tucheze; to recruit more users and increase the number of people who bet; to highlight the Key brand benefits of Tucheze; to build confidence with the target audience who don’t use Tucheze; to build long term brand equity and brand affinity.