Diversify and give your gambling business an edge on the competition by integrating THE lottery vertical to your gaming portfolio

Increase your brand exposure through a localized cross-channel and cross-product solution.
Improve your acquisition and retention strategies through a suite of highly customizable games that have been uniquely designed with player engagement in mind.

100% Custom Lotto Lobby

  • Fully customizable Lotto Lobby
  • Available in different designs
  • Custom CMS
  • Manage multiple frontends
  • Simple implementation of marketing campaigns


Choose from a range of solutions to get you up and running with the minimal time-to-market, such as with a rapid-deployment turnkey solution that integrates neatly into your existing system
For those with established online lotto businesses, we can provide a comprehensive RESTful API, so you can roll out your own lotte

Modular, scalable
and lightweight technology

Very advanced technology allowing for fast and flexible integrations, based on a very secure framework, reducing to a minimum the time-to-market.

Core API technology designed for mass transaction and with scalability in mind.

The API is also very lightweight in terms of coding which is particularly advantageous in scenarios where robust infrastructure is already in place.

Possibility of stand-alone
lottery solutions

Operators are given the possibility to create stand-alone lottery sites for those operators who wants to push the lottery vertical.

Front-ends are totally customizable and optimized to lottery according to the specific needs, and requirements of the individual operators to maximize their brand differentiation.

Omnichannel system

Seamlessly integrate the lottery solution across retail, internet and mobile providing your players with access to its products from any channel. Take total control of your strategy: attract, convert, retain, and reactivate players on whatever channel they prefer to use.

Take on the emerging markets

Take hold of the opportunity provided by emerging markets with a:

  • Complete Omnichannel System
  • Opening the international lottery scene to emerging markets
  • Fraction bets: allow your players to place more cost-effective bets tailored for them by buying a fraction of a ticket
  • Holistic betting experience with fully responsive designs that work on any device and optimized for all browser types
  • Lightweight API


£150 million jackpot prize coverage on international lotteries and up to £5 Million on custom RNG games.
Feel safe in the knowledge that you’re covered by the worlds leading re-insurers.


The whole betting experience and interface of the ticket designs are created with simplicity in mind.Players can:

  • pick numbers manually, or make use of a quick-pick function to randomly select their numbers.
  • choose the number of draws and stake they want to play
  • under info tab players can see all Game info and rules, prize/payout tables and the latest results
  • dedicated player “My Bets” section provides them with their betting history for a detailed overview.

Stand out from the competition

Worldwide Lotteries

  • Offer your players an extensive selection of the world’s most famous lotteries, either as real tickets or as an insured bet.

Branded Lotteries and Syndicates

  • Differentiate yourself with custom branded lottery models. Maximise your brand loyalty and increase your conversions.

Reliability and Credibility

  • Certified RNG Games with Jackpots up to £5 million and more available. Turnkey formats available
  • Compliance with regulatory framework
  • Advanced analytics and reporting detailing amongst other aspects: sales; GGR; number of players; and number of bets per lottery. The back office has all the relevant KPIs operators need at their disposal for an effortless and thorough campaign analysis
  • Increased reliability with technology intended for designed for mass transactions


Localization is key. The main functionality will always remain the same, but color schemes, jackpots, language and currencies will be tailored according to local requirements.

RNG Lottery Jackpots
for Emerging Markets

  • 6/49 plus 1
  • jackpot $1 million
  • Odds: 1 in 139,838,160
  • This high odds lottery game is popular

  • 50/90
  • jackpot $250K
  • Odds: 1 in 43,949,268
  • One of Africa’s most loved lottery formats

  • 6/52 bonus ball
  • jackpot $100K
  • Odds: 1 in 20,358,520
  • South Africa’s mega lotto game

  • Fast 3
  • RNG driven Instant Games
  • Instant Win
  • Flexible stakes Increases player engagement

Instant win

Flexible stakes Increases player engagement


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