Technifying Tour – Africa

18 Mar 2020 - 30 Jun 2020


Industry experts deem Africa to be one of the major emerging markets, and rightly so. The sheer size in population terms, the passion for sports, an ever increasing propensity for mobile use, a greater internet penetration… The continent has all that it takes to emerge as a major market.


Having a strong presence in the African region, BtoBet is in the ideal position to assist operators, with its platforms already fully compliant and provided to clients in:


Cameroon Malawi Uganda
Senegal Ghana Kenya
Congo Brazzaville Sierra Leonne Zambia
Mali DR Congo Nigeria
Chad Mozambique Gabon
Rwanda Tanzania Guinea
Nigeria Namibia



Schedule a meeting to see how BtoBet’s technological solution, particularly its Neuron 3 betting platform, can help you achieve optimal results in the region.