La herramienta de negocio más integral para hacer
seguimiento y administrar su negocio.



Una cuenta centralizada que integra
todos los productos de BtoBet y las integraciones de terceros.



La siguiente generación de solución de apuestas,
inteligente y confiable.
Solamente para aquellos que realmente deseen dominar el mercado.





B Neuron es la primera plataforma inteligente de apuestas deportivas
y juegos de azar en el mercado.




B Neuron le brinda un conjunto totalmente integral de características
y herramientas que corresponden a la oferta final de nuestros competidores!
¡Pero con B Neuron este es solamente el principio!


B Neuron es MUCHO más. Es INTELIGENTE.


Descubra las características únicas de B Neuron.

  • Información clave e inteligente de los jugadores
  • Herramienta de reducción de recursos
  • Asistente de prevención de fraudes
  • Herramienta de bonificación del genio
  • Integración de proveedores de juegos inteligentes
  • Motor de recomendación de juegos

Descubra más

B Konnect es nuestra solución de apuestas deportivas
sin interrupciones lista para integrarse en cualquier plataforma existente.


B Konnect amplía sus oportunidades
en los mercados de apuestas deportivas,
apuestas virtuales y apuestas en juegos.

  • Más de 60.000 eventos únicos por mes
  • Más de 1.000 mercados y 40 tipos de deportes
  • Las ofertas de apuestas en vivo más amplias que hay, con una oferta de más de 500 probabilidades
  • Hasta 20.000 partidos en vivo
  • Más de 320.000 eventos por año en más de 40 deportes
  • La mejor experiencia de apuestas en deportes virtuales que hay con fútbol virtual, tenis virtual, básquetbol virtual, caballos virtuales y perros virtuales

Con B Konnect puede activar fácilmente
el MTS de Betradar y tener la solución
más avanzada
y totalmente administrada para apuestas deportivas.
Todas sus operaciones de apuestas serán completamente administradas
en una forma rápida, eficiente y rentable.
Domina todos los servicios operacionales posibles
desde suministrar las fijaciones hasta compilar las probabilidades,
hacer seguimiento a las obligaciones y liquidar las apuestas.

B Retail es la solución complete para operadores
con base terrestre, con la ventaja de tener el soporte constante
que brinda la inteligencia artificial de B Neuron.


B Retail incluye todas las características para administrar
su negocio con base terrestre.


Es el puente que conecta al mundo minorista con el mundo en línea.

  • Accesibilidad en línea
  • Herramienta de visualización de video por múltiples canales
  • Oferta de personalización de 360°
  • Administración de agentes en varios niveles
  • Solución de pago con base terrestre

Dé un salto al futuro

Recomendaciones y tendencias

Conocemos a fondo la industria de juegos de azar por intenet .

Conozca lo que está pasando

Mar 20, 2017

Omnichannel Innovation in Sportsbetting

Omnichannel Innovation in Sportsbetting   The importance of omnichannel in igaming Putting user experience at the focus is the key to the success and longevity of any business in this modern age. Providing the seamless experience through really advanced technologies already existin...
Mar 20, 2017


The major Gaming and Sports betting operators of Central Europe will participate in the Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017, this week. The 3-days exhibition and conference will give a great opportunity for networking and fresh insight on the industry at the Austria Vienna Center.   Bt...
Mar 07, 2017

BtoBet CEO to discuss innovation at VIGE 2017

BtoBet’s CEO, Kostandina Zafirovska, will appear as a key speaker during the Innovation panels at the ground floor of VIGE 2017.   The iGaming technology developer, BtoBet, has confirmed the appearance of its CEO Kostandina Zafirovska as a key speaker at the Vienna International Gaming Ex...
Mar 06, 2017


During the Georgia Gaming Congress in Tbilisi, the multinational igaming software provider BtoBet has met online and land-based Sports betting and Casino operators wishing to operate an advanced, modern and technological platform to develop their business, and speed up revenues and operations in the...
Mar 03, 2017

Customer centricity applied by iGaming operators

Customer centricity applied by iGaming operators   Customer centricity is in the middle of the companies’ success and high levels of personalization based on extensive data analysis lies at the core of every successful online business out there. It would seem that iGaming is no different....
Mar 02, 2017

Your players: the focus of your business

Importance of the player’s satisfaction with the brand’s offers   iGaming operators need to organise in such way that the players feel how important they are for the brand and that his pleasure is in the first place.  They should enjoy a seamless experience (one account, single wallet,...
Feb 24, 2017

BTOBET at Georgia Gaming Congress

BtoBet is going to participate in the Georgia Gaming Conference - bringing together gambling market leaders, operators, state officials and welcoming meetings about industry trends and innovations - responding to operators’ main concerns about business needs in the country’s Gaming market. &nbs...
Feb 01, 2017


After the partnership with the multinational iGaming software provider BtoBet, the most recent entrant in Kenya, Supabet247 is ready to expand soon from Kenya to several countries in Africa, launching with success its new campaign voted to increment its audience of players.   Supabet247...
Ene 23, 2017

Recommendation engine: give your players what they want

Recommendation engine applied in iGaming industry     Having even the best marketing strategy in the world, able to find and bring the best players on your website needs help in keeping them there. Once they are there, regardless of the quality of your offers, there is still somethi...
Dic 29, 2016

What are today’s players like?

A market of well-informed players   What changed with the internet, social media and the mobile devices? Well, information tends to speed up every few years. For instance, it travels a lot faster these days than it did in the pre-smartphone age, let alone before that. Statistics show that 3...
Dic 15, 2016

Get your bettors mobile without hurting your retail business

Get your bettors mobile without hurting your retail business Every retail operator needs to realise the importance of going mobile. It is a trend that has an unparalleled impact on the iGaming industry, and every participant in the iGaming industry needs to realise the reasons for it. The obvious b...
Dic 07, 2016


 Technology Provider/Supplier Category     The 10th edition of International Gaming Awards (IGA) just announced the names of the companies that successfully passed the selection and have been declared finalists in the different categories devoted to operators and suppliers of the gaming ...
Dic 02, 2016

Why is just having a mobile channel not good enough?

Why is just having a mobile channel not good enough?   It has been ages since it was known that mobile phones are taking over the world communications network. The internet just empowered them even more. Now smartphones have an impact like no other before them, and are already shaping the w...
Nov 22, 2016


Land based and online gaming companies focus on the satisfaction of the final user.   During the numerous conferences on the most interesting topics of the industry at SiGMA - Summit iGaming Malta -  the importance of the Omnichannel solution for land based and online operators has emerg...
Nov 11, 2016

BtoBet at SiGMA: the Multidimensional Omnichannel solution

Exclusively at SiGMA, a preview of the new hyperreality that will be launched in London.   BtoBet decided to introduce a preview of its new concept of Omnichannel specifically at SiGMA - the biggest iGaming expo in Malta bringing together affiliates, operators, B2B Solution providers and ...
Nov 08, 2016

BtoBet, finalist at Malta iGaming Award – Innovator of the year category

The first edition of the Malta Gaming Awards will be held at the InterContinental Ball Room on the 16th November, before the beginning of SiGMA 2016, during the Charity dinner promoted by Big Foundation.   All participants have a special connection with the gaming ecosystem in Malta and the...
Oct 24, 2016


Afrobet, a promising gambling company of Kenya, announces its partnership with BtoBet to launch its Touchese brand.   AfroBet’s COO, Jeff Mugo, commenting on his partnerning with Btobet says:   “We are excited to partner with BtoBet who have the most advanced cloud platform...
Oct 21, 2016


BtoBet at the 4th Annual Big Africa Summit in South Africa.   Authorities and Top Managers of the Gaming Industry worldwide will be meeting in Cape Town between the 24th-26th October for the 4th Annual Big Africa Summit in South Africa, to discuss compliance, responsibilities and the futu...
Oct 21, 2016

Hitting the millenial sweet-spot! [EDITORIAL]

MILLENNIALS’ INFLUENCE IS GROWING AND SOON THEY WILL TURN INTO THE DOMINANT CONSUMER GROUP IN THE GAMBLING INDUSTRY.   The most important thing for them is expressing themselves. Sometimes that means tattoos and podcasts, while other times it means finding a hashtag for themselves and s...
Oct 21, 2016

eSports: The next big thing in Africa?

IS ESPORTS THE NEW FRONTIER OF SPORTS BETTING IN SOUTH AFRICA?   eSports has garnered the attention of everyone from major investors, brands and advertisers, to gaming houses. According to international analysis, eSports will definitely play a key role in the future of sports betting, with ...
Oct 20, 2016

BtoBet Announce Partnership with NYX Gaming Group

BtoBet is pleased to announce its partnership with the market leading supplier of end-to-end digital gaming solutions, NYX Gaming Group, to provide a seamless integration to its Open Gaming System, NYX OGS.   Kostandina Zafirovska, BtoBet’s Chief Operating Office stated, “I firmly bel...
Oct 11, 2016


Following BtoBet’s actions to expand into the African market, the company is now delighted to announce its partnership with the leading gambling company of Nigeria, NairaBet.   Nairabet and BtoBet join forces   Akin Alabi, CEO of NairaBet,commented:   “As a lead...
Oct 11, 2016


Important dialogues about the most recent normative concerning the Italian gaming market and the trade's new trends have been hold during ENADA Rome show. The entire scenario of the Italian gaming and amusement world has been showcased in Rome, from all the new products, to the technologies ...
Oct 07, 2016


A WIND OF IMPORTANT CHANGES BLOWS ON THE ITALIAN GAMING MARKET.  OPERATORS HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO FACE THE NEW TRENDS. In conformity with the regulations imposed by ADM - Authority of Customs and Monopoly – BtoBet’s platform will assist Italian operators to ride the new business opportunities ...
Jul 25, 2016

Alessandro Fried shared his views on eSports betting with Calvin Ayre

Almost a month ago, BtoBet and BetRadar announced their partnership to offer the ultimate eSports Solution. This time, Lee Davy from sits down with the CEO of BtoBet to figure out why eSports has caused the stampede it has, who the eSports consumers are, and how everyone in the eSpo...
Jul 18, 2016

Mobile market thriving in Africa?

BtoBet is planning to display 2 exclusive live demos in Ghana and Kenya, to explain to operators how they can grow their revenues using a clever omnichannel platform.   The “Betting and iGaming West Africa Summit” will be welcoming - from 18th to 20th July in Accra, Ghana - firms, reg...
Jul 13, 2016

Final Word – By Alessandro Fried [EDITORIAL]

Btobet Q&A session with Gambling Insider     Fresh from being a speaker at the Sports Betting East Africa Summit, BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried spoke exclusively to GI about why omnichannel is a key to growth in i-gaming.   Why do you think omnichannel concep...
Jul 12, 2016

Brexit impact in the iGaming industry

Two weeks on from the UK referendum on leaving the EU and even if it is difficult to have a precise idea of how the iGaming industry will be affected by this big change, experts started giving their point of views on this regard.
Jun 20, 2016

Davide Ruggeri talks eSports with iGaming Bussiness

How can a traditional bookmaker start a dialogue with Millennial eSports fans?   The iGaming Super Show planned a series of dedicated conferences for the sports betting industry. BtoBet led the panel “eSports: Bringing Home the Millennials”. The panel covered strategies, opportunities a...
Jun 03, 2016

iGaming Business with an overview of the BtoBet and BetRadar’s partnership

eSports and social gambling have been described as the next revolutions in the online gambling world. Representing a new revenue opportunity for bookmakers, eSports is creating a new betting environment on the horizon for Operators and is gaining serious momentum every year.   In this reg...
May 16, 2016

What African Retailers need to do to go mobile and online?

Exploring the potential in the African population, the boom in mobile users, and the increase of internet penetration in Africa, it is evident that there is a need for Omnichannel solutions to manage the growing gambling market in the country. But how can African Retailers do this?     ...
May 12, 2016

BtoBet bets on Intelligent Mobile

Mobile platforms and the betting industry have become an increasingly inseparable duo. The widespread popularity of smartphones and tablets is no longer a new phenomenon affecting the younger generation, but it is also a strong presence among more mature users. In short, it is an unstoppable tool fu...
May 11, 2016

Omnichannel in the Betting and Gambling African market

Why Omnichannel is essential for betting and gambling in Africa and how Retailers can profit from Mobile diffusion?  . In growing markets such as the African demographic, the government has steadily invested in undersea fiber-optic cables and infrastructures, and data related to the mobile and sm...
May 10, 2016

BtoBet’s AI platfrom goes beyond the Omnichannel Concept

Btobet presents its next-level Omnichannel platform to fit the needs of operators and bettors in emerging countries.   The evolution of iGaming and sports betting technology in recent years has encouraged a transformation of player expectations. Players expect to encounter the same brand...
Abr 20, 2016

BtoBet discusses its first experience at FADJA, Colombia

The 18th edition of FADJA welcomed hundreds of operators, manufacturers, and visitors from across the globe; it is at this event that Btobet was delighted to receive positive feedback regarding its first forays in the South American gaming and sports betting tradeshow.     &nb...
Abr 08, 2016

Ready to enter the new regulated Colombian market ?

Ready to enter the new regulated Colombian market ? After the Colombian gaming authority Coljuegos launched a consultation document in December 2015, and following positive results obtained in Brazil, Argentina and Chile as a consequence of their push to regulate their own markets, Colombia is n...
Mar 23, 2016

Enada 2016: BtoBet, the innovative multi-channel model

  This year’s Enada 2016 in Rimini offered days of excitement to the Italian gaming industry.   It was a trade show which offered an opportunity to new and old operators to attract potential clients to their business.   Enada 2016 testified that Italy is moving in the right di...
Mar 16, 2016

A leap forward for the Italian market

  A leap forward for the Italian market During the past months the Italian betting market has been going through a positive shift. The right framework is being created for licensees to operate in a strict regulated market. This set-up is one which gives security to both the operator and his...
Mar 10, 2016

Btobet heads to ENADA

In light of the legal amendments which will soon regulate the Italian market, that of a betting exchange decree, BtoBet will give Italian operators a different way how to approach business.      BtoBet the innovative iGaming software developer is introducing its highly advanced S...
Feb 19, 2016

Unprecedented Success for BtoBet at Ice London 2016

Unprecedented Success for BtoBet at Ice London 2016 BtoBet, the pillar in technological gaming innovation,  reached unprecedented success during its participation at Ice Totally Gaming 2016. BtoBet’s top management and professionals were pleased to greet operators on the stand from all over ...
Ene 26, 2016

BtoBet adds Live Casino software from LuckyStreak

BtoBet, the innovative iGaming software developer company, has boosted B Neuron, the most powerful and advanced Sportsbook and iGaming platform on the market, with new live dealer games from software provider LuckyStreak.   LuckyStreak will enhance BtoBet’s live offering to include a ra...
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